About Me

Hello Friend,

SimpaTICO here.

A little about me

You will find from my “SimpaTICO name” that I am Costa Rican and pretty chill. For those that don’t know, the nickname TICO is commonly used in Costa Rica (and other Central American countries) to recognize someone as a Costa Rican (“are you a Tico?” – LOL). While I live in the US, I am very much still connected to my heritage, and try to visit my family in Costa Rica multiple times per year.

Some more about me

I am a veteran of the U.S. Military and have been blessed to travel the world. As such, I have seen many beautiful countries, experienced wonderful cultures, and met so many lovely people. I can’t describe how much the diversity around the world has helped to define me and my 3 top interests:

  • I love to Travel
  • I have a passion for Fitness
  • I’m in pursuit of Wealth (but mostly passive income, just sayin’)
And finally about me

I enjoy sharing information about trending products that I come across, and hope you find my perspective useful so you can learn about and consider them. I’ll provide my brief and honest review and allow you to decide what to do next.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

To YOUR adventures, wellbeing, and success!

Pura Vida,