Exclusive Anthony Morrison Review: Is Partner With Anthony Coolish or Foolish? – 5 Things You Need To Know!

Welcome internet travelers… thanks for stopping by! You are definitely at the right place for an honest review of Anthony Morrison and his Partner With Anthony (PWA) program, which is aimed at helping his students make “lots” of money online.

Anthony is well recognized across the affiliate marketing community as a successful guru and entrepreneur, but there’s also plenty of negative things said about him as well.

Some claim that all he does is lure you in with his “nice guy” persona. But, then changes like a chameleon into an energetic solicitor of his products attempting to convince you that you need them all. Not really sure that should be unexpected… after all, he is a business man! However, I understand that he lets off that he is really interested in you being successful, but then tries to sell you his stuff. Again, not sure that should be unexpected.

Many “nay-sayers” believe his products are simply intended to keep you chasing the “shiny objects” (there is such a thing as Shiny Object Syndrome) or you’ll be made to feel left out and not able to maximize full potential (which is rather harsh in my opinion). His program is said to be a unique ecosystem that offers lots of options and depending on what you buy and how much you put into it, can make you plenty of money.

Sooo, what is true? Let’s start by digging into who Anthony Morrison is….

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Since launching his first business in 2005 when he was just twenty-one, Anthony Morrison’s career has expanded exponentially. A self-taught Internet mogul, Morrison devised a one-man business operation while attending college full-time. The success of that venture saved his family’s fortunes, and from there Morrison proceeded to devise a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success and used it to develop another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable.

Raised along with his brother and sister in Mississippi by Roger and Sheila Morrison, Anthony grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others and healthy self-esteem. Always independent and assertive, Anthony gave his parents a glimpse of his potential when, at the age of seven, he decided he wanted a Jacuzzi. Told by his mother that he would have to work to earn it, Anthony sold candy bars door-to-door until he had earned the money for the Jacuzzi. One year later, at age eight, he set his sights on buying his father a motorcycle and did just that, enlisting his siblings in the effort.

Other successful part-time ventures followed, setting a pattern for his later life: find something you enjoy, learn as much about that subject as possible, and pursue your goals with single-minded enthusiasm. Whether it was selling baseball cards or customizing his prize Mustang, Anthony showed a predilection for achieving his goals and creating avenues to achieve them more efficiently and profitably. Without realizing it, he was creating the blueprint for his later success.

When financial ruin threatened his family, Anthony expanded upon a business he’d had as a teen and established his first company, Cool Blue Performance. Within one year he was working with every parts supplier in the industry; the following year he began manufacturing his own parts and dominating the industry

The year 2008 saw Anthony expanding into the world of publishing with his first book, The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You. Part memoir, part inspirational tale and part instructional tome, The Hidden Millionaire brings Anthony Morrison’s template for success to an entire new audience. With his book in the hands of over one million people around the world Anthony hopes to share his story and inspire, motivate, and empower everyone who reads it to create their own success story.

In 2009 Anthony wrote his second book, Advertising Profits From Home, in an effort to teach people around the country how to use his techniques and strategies to create a successful online marketing campaign. Anthony has created a blueprint for a successful marketing campaign and platform for affiliate marketers around the world, and he shares these secrets in his new book.

Anthony filmed a TV show with Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of The Chicken Soup Series, to promote his new book on a national level.

Anthony’s show was one of the most successful in the past decade resulting in over one million copies of his book being sold world wide.

Today, Anthony Morrison travels the country sharing his story and teaching his skills to budding entrepreneurs speaking at large events. He also hosts a weekly webinar training for his students called “The Success Connection” community which reaches thousands of people every week with a message focused positivity and marketing strategies to help create more success for his students.

Some “Issues” with Anthony Morrison

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Anthony Morrison and Morrison Publishing

Anthony Morrison encourages everyone to follow the path and become as successful as he is. Anthony Morrison shares all his tips and tricks for success in his books. The reason why his books are so popular and loved is that he shares his failures along with his accomplishments. His books essentially capture his experience and he has used the knowledge acquired to convert it all into a comprehensive training program.

Anthony Morrison teaches his readers how it is okay to fail and how to change failures into successes. The readers relate to Anthony Morrison’s stories because they come from the same background. Anthony Morrison believes everyone can become a millionaire like himself. However, the only thing that is stopping them from earning money is laziness.

Anthony Morrison believes that the only way someone can become a millionaire is by working hard and being patient. He writes in his books that he does not believe in earning money overnight. Those offers are mostly illegal or only temporary. The only to earn money and keep on making money is through being dedicated. Anthony Morrison lays down hard hitting facts.

His straightforwardness encourages his readers to start their own business and take risks. They become one step closer to becoming a millionaire.

Anthony Morrison started his company in 2004, called Cool Blue Performance. He was only 21 at that time. He managed his company along with the university. Anthony Morrison is a source of inspiration for all young adults as he led his company and studies and excelled in both. He then started a new company called Morrison Publishing.

Anthony Morrison knows that we are living in a digital era, and people prefer to buy things online rather than in person. Using this information, Anthony Morrison uses Morrison Publishing as a platform to help new entrepreneurs who just entered the online world. Morrison Publishing gives courses and lectures.

Through experience, Anthony Morrison tells the students about the do’s, and don’ts about the online market and how it is different from traditional businesses and shops. This gives the new entrepreneurs a head start, and they perform much better than the ones who did not enroll for these courses.

He knows that social media is the way to go for marketing and advertisements. Social media is where everyone gets their information. Morrison Publishing has classes that are specifically tailored for today’s needs. The courses go over through how to advertise effectively on social media and how to interact with potential customers. Anthony Morrison tells his students on how to win over influencers and use their help for advertisements. Morrison Publishing is a tool every new entrepreneur should apply to be a millionaire through online businesses.

What is Anthony Morrison’s Partner With Anthony (PWA)?

Anthony Morrison (PWA)

A program that teaches you Anthony Morrison’s best practices, tricks, tips for email marketing. PWA is highly structured and will teach you through a series of video trainings how to create and complete your online business.

If you get stuck at any point, you can ask questions in the community page where many seasoned and helpful members contribute (including Anthony himself). Anthony will partner with you through his videos and weekly Success Connection training sessions. However, I highly recommend completing the training videos, before participating in the Success Connection, so you remain focused and aren’t distracted chasing shiny objects that are not part of the PWA program. Once you complete the training, the Success Connection does help you put it all into practice, which is very important in achieving success.

There is an exclusive training area where you will find all the programs available and your affiliate links that will help you make money (one time and recurring monthly offers).

Don’t be a professional learner… trust the program and put it into action as quickly as possible. No matter how hard you to try to make it perfect, you will refine things over and over to reach your audience, so just do it, learn, adjust when needed, and keep going.


  •  Partnership program
  •  Exclusive “Affiliate Commission Links” that will allow you to start promoting money making companies every single month. ($97 value)
  •  Exclusive “PWA Sessions” each designed to walk you step by step through setting up and configuring your new business the best way. ($197 value)
  •  Access to Anthony’s “Business Building Eco-System”!
  • Instant Access to the “Success Connection” each week for everyone in our program.
  •  Up to 4 BONUS Options

My Final Conclusion

An inexpensive way to learn internet marketing basics, if you don’t jump blindly into the upsells.

Price $7/month or $97 lifetime for core training + upsell products
Pros Inexpensive, comprehensive, and structured training using videos, community support, 30-day refund policy
Cons No clear student success stories, lots of students, additional tools needed, no individual instruction (unless upsell consulting)
  • Anthony Morrison - Partner With Anthony (PWA)

Don't try to build your online business alone...

While Partner With Anthony (PWA) won’t be easy, it’s not difficult to follow the videos in the structured sequential training course.  You will learn all that is needed to get on the right path to building your own online business.  The support community is fantastic and the weekly training will help you learn new things you can try.  Be patient, and work through the courses in order until you understand what is needed before moving to the next section (if you get stuck, ask the community).  You can’t go into it expecting to be a millionaire over night, but I believe you will learn what is needed to help your online business be very successful.