Simple Fat Burning Workout Ideas

It is a myth that, that all fat burning options require you to subject yourself to hours of cardio-based exercise. In fact, strength training combined with interval training produces optimum results.

The good news about this is that you can achieve a lot in a short space of time. Even better, you start to see results fast which in turn motivates you to keep going.

A combination of strength and interval training will force your body to burn carbohydrates to supply it with the necessary energy, while at same time putting the body into the best possible state for fat burning.

I like to recommend finding a suitable gym that offers classes that are of interest.  You can also join groups or clubs in local parks for running, jogging, walking or sports that are suitable for all ages and both sexes, so you bring someone along to “partner” with you.  A partner holds you accountable, and you can hold them accountable as well, which works out great for both.  It is not necessary to have a partner, but only suggested if you need some motivational help.

If you are pregnant or suffer from any kind of chronic or recurring injury, consult a medical practitioner before beginning any exercise routine. If you feel pain at any time, stop the exercise immediately, rest and seek advice if appropriate. Remember to follow any Fitness regimen carefully for a safe, highly effective workout.

Get Your Heart Pumping
Yes, I said this would be a simple approach top fat burning, so… How? By encouraging you to undertake exercise you actually enjoy and to then suggest you consider different options as you progress in your Fitness journey.
Studies have shown that exercising for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week produces the most beneficial results. The thing is, that exercise can cover a huge range of activities provided that your heart rate is raised to a suitable level for your age and remains at that level for the majority of the exercise period.

Working Out Your Heart Rate
To find your working heart rate, or the optimal level at which you should be exercising, you first need to work out your resting heart rate which will give you a good indication of how your Fitness is improving.
The best way to do this is to check your pulse for 60 seconds before you get out of bed in the morning. The fitter you get, the lower this will become.

The American Cancer Society offers this Heart Rate Calculator to help you.

So What Sort Of Cardio Exercise Should I Do?
This is the fun part – almost anything provided it is safe and follows the criteria for raising your heart rate. I like to suggest mixing it up, one day alternating fast walking with jogging in the park, another attending a folk dance class and so on.
The simplest routine is one that is also highly effective – just going for a power walk, arms pumping at sufficient pace will provide a low impact route to stripping excess fat from your body.
Remember, however, that whatever you do should keep your motivation high, so enjoy what are you starting with.
It’s crucial to keep boredom at bay and to constantly push yourself just that little bit more.

For these reasons, I advocate a class or new hobby that is both physical and fun. Some ideas include:



Power Walking



Dancing of all types

Boxing-type classes

The possibilities are literally endless and half the joy comes from mastering a new skill which, in turn, boosts your new found confidence. Ideally, you would split your exercise routine into four or five sessions with one or two devoted to your new hobby or sport and the others mixing up cardio with the routines outlined below.
Of course, there are times when this is not possible due to constraints of work or family, for example, and this is where keeping it simple will also keep you on track.

By this I mean that if you have a basic routine that you can always fall back on you will not fall off the exercise path. Taking a power walk to work/school counts as exercise provided you sustain it for long enough at the right intensity.
Picking out one of the core routines and then performing that for twenty minutes over your lunch break or on your living room carpet will keep up your strength training and your belief that you can do this.  Purchasing some simple workout bands and using them when you can’t get out is always a good fallback option.

The key is to adapt and to be flexible both in your arrangements and in your attitude. Diets and exercise routines fail when we adopt a defeatist mindset, when we think things like: ‘I blew it today because I didn’t go for my run tonight or last night so I might as well eat ice cream all night’  Don’t get me wrong, a cheat day is sometimes needed within limits. The correct attitude would be to think: ‘So, I didn’t fit in my run tonight. I could always fit in a few exercises with my bands before bedtime.’ Even a few stretches will keep your body and mind tuned in to the fact that healthy eating and exercise are now simply a non-negotiable part of your life.

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