Why is SLVRSPN (Silver Spoon), a product Chris Hardy Created For Affiliate Marketing, Better Than The Rest? … Only One Way To Find Out… Read This Review!

Welcome internet travelers… you stopped at the right place for my honest review of Chris Hardy and the SLVRSPN blueprint for Affiliate Marketing success.

Who Is The Creator Of SLVRSPN?

Chris Hardy designed his program to teach people how simple it can be to create a blog that revolves around your passion(s), and eventually use it as a vehicle to monetize your life and create the kind of life most people only dream of. That means:

Chris Hardy SLVRSPN
Chris Hardy
  • No 9-5
  • no boss
  • Your terms
  • Complete Freedom

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, we are living in a golden era right now

Chris Hardy believes that never in history have we had so much abundance. With just a little patience and consistency, it has become very possible to get the kind of life you want, and make a good amount of money from right there at your computer, regardless of where you live

There are many sites and gurus out there charging you money for empty promises. He knows it can get overwhelming and annoying for those who are just trying to learn

For this reason, he wanted to create a hub where you could get access to what you want. That is, free content that is practical, actionable and can actually help you! He hates to think how much money he put into courses that taught him nothing

Therefore, his goal here is to create a community, devoid of spam, and devoid of people trying to take advantage of you when they have absolutely no value to offer. Currently, when he looks around, he can’t really see a community like that anywhere

Now, he has a good idea of the lifestyle a lot of you are currently living. Maybe you’re feeling down, working in a job you hate, and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t have to always be like that. If you would like to be part of building a community where everyone is learning and helping each other get a leg up in life, read on

As he suggests, he has been where many of you are at right now

After he graduated University and put himself into tens of thousands of dollars worth of student debt, he went to work for an I.T company. It didn’t take long for him to start feeling terrible. He’s talking depression, putting on about 40lbs, waking up and wanting to end it all, getting full blown panic attacks at random multiple times a day

His life was taking him on a one way track to somewhere bad

The upside was at least my disliked entry level I.T job was allowing him to save some money, but he felt his life was awful

Rat race city!

After a while, it became too much

The anxiety was taking its toll. To avoid any permanent damage, he dropped everything and decided to go traveling with the money he had saved up and teach English overseas in Asia

This was a great idea at the time, and his life did change for the better. However, despite teaching English overseas being really fun (he actually recommends it), there is a very low earnings potential in the short and long-term

After realizing that his life was going nowhere fast, he started noticing people online talking about financial freedom, working online, and traveling, and it immediately enticed him

He started searching and trying to find out the HOW, like no doubt many of you are doing now. This was around the end of 2014

Like many of you, he started off making the general beginner mistakes of throwing money at the problem. He bought a bunch of online courses and subscribed to guru’s on YouTube

Some good, some absolute scam artists

After some time, he started getting the hang of how the online game worked and started seeing some return on my efforts. Both through affiliate marketing and later with dropshipping

When he made his first money the excitement he felt was overwhelming. Chris felt like he’d cracked the code. He realized he was going to be able to live freely and not have to rely on anyone again.

And like anyone with a secret too good to keep, he started telling his friends and working on projects together with them

A few of them took action, but most didn’t, which is the norm. Most people simply aren’t willing to put in the work now to live the life they dream of later

Amongst the friends that did find success and create profitable businesses around their passions, they said he ought to spread the word a bit more

He hadn’t thought about it before, but he does get most of his fulfillment out of helping people. He always has and it’s most likely why he hated his IT job, but loved being a teacher despite it’s low pay


as an effective way to share content with you, discuss things, and answer questions, he created the SLVRSPN program. SLVRSPN (Silverspoon) is the name of his flagship product.

SLVRSPN Content Marketer Blueprint by Chris Hardy

The goal of this program is to allow like minded people to come together, reach their goals, and inspire others to do the same

There is only so much you can do with a blog. It’s great for putting out big content that will help you out. But, it’s not so great for deeper communication, asking questions, inspiring each other, and building relationships with like minded people

So, if after reading all this you think you’d like to be included in such a group, click the link.

  • Chris Hardy - SLVRSPN ACADEMY

Don't Chase The Next "SHINY OBJECT"... Learn The Truth ...

The SLVRSPN program is a highly comprehensive, easy-to-follow formula to building a business online, which was designed in a way where ALL guesswork has been removed.

My Final Conclusion

Slvrspoon is a simple to understand and follow program. Chris Hardy provides lots of support and his community is very engaged and helpful. The material is effective if you stick to the plan and the initial cost is very much worth it. I would highly recommend you consider purchasing his products.

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